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Dean and Sam ran into some trouble and Cas is left to take care of the tiny duo.

Original piece by artcicles

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Free Bird!

oh my okay ahah

send songs and i’ll sing them?

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I really love this so I had to share it.

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d id the ne w thing (xohgodeverythingissobad//HOWDOFEET?

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"Gentlemen please! We are in the middle of class"

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An (angsty) idea I got after watching the music video for “The One That Got Away.”

So Hiccup and human!Jack are a couple, right? All lovey-dovey and crap (it can take place in either the Colonial AU or the Viking AU… or some other AU, take your pick). One day, the two get in a fight and Jack goes to let off some steam by… what else? Skating! After some time on the ice, Jack decides that he loves Hiccup too much to lose him over some stupid fight, so just as he’s about to go back and apologize…

He falls through the ice and drowns.

And Hiccup is heartbroken because the last words the two of them exchanged were ones of anger. Sucks, huh?

Time passes and Jack becomes the spirit of winter (good ol’ Jack Frost) and he’s ecstatic to see Hiccup again and he goes back to see him now 20 years old. Despite how much older he is, Jack feels himself falling In love with the fishbone all over again.

He goes up to him and says “Hiccup, I missed you so much. I am so sorry-“

The earth-shattering sensation of Hiccup walking right through him and not hearing a word he’s saying stops Jack from continuing. After a few more attempts at getting his ex-lover’s attention, the spirit breaks down in tears.

Unbeknownst to Jack, not a day goes by that Hiccup doesn’t fell guilty about his final words to his ex-boyfriend.

Basically, to the both of them, the other is “the one that got away.”


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(Higher-quality version of my original Hijack edit (currently my header and sidebar image~ ask if you want to use!)

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» What if Jack was helping Hiccup put on race paint in httyd 2 and they kiss a little and Hiccup goes to the race and gets off Toothless when he wins and Astrid’s like “What’s that?” And it ends up Hiccup has a paint hand print on his ass.


So I saw this and couldn’t stop myself from drawing it. I’ve always wanted to do some Hijack race painting stuff.~
Viking!AU Hijack.

Thanks to those who stopped by the Join.Me!!~

Art by me



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Jared: When is Castiel coming back? You misunderstood the question.

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For shaekspears

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Old Hollywood Avengers

(because Tony throwing Gatsby-like parties is perfect)

I had no idea I needed this in my life.

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For anon xD

ps idk why this is so damn stretchy my phone is weird ._.

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Carry on my wayward sonnnn???
— Anonymous  

okay eheh

send songs and i’ll sing them?

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disloyal order of water buffaloes by fall out boy (for the song thing)?

okay ill try :D

send songs and i’ll sing them?

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